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'I still get goosebumps thinking back at the wild ride and fierce competition in the Sydney market and in particular the auction day... So, thank you for your calmness, advice, positive attitude, honesty, integrity, accessibility, passion and amazing service in helping us achieve this milestone!' - Peter and Denise

Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches offer some of our city's most beautiful residential suburbs. With many stunning beaches, picturesque Middle Harbour and vast areas of pristine national park, this part of Sydney is a popular place to buy a home or investment property. Many families looking for open space and an outdoor lifestyle have made Sydney's North their home, and once in the market they rarely leave!

With so many people looking to buy in this area, navigating the Northern Sydney property market can be stressful and very costly, often taking years. In such a competitive market, it's especially important to have the support and advice of an experienced Buyer's agent on hand. 

We have helped many buyers finally succeed in purchasing properties they love in Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches.
+ We take care of all contact with the selling agent and do all the negotiating for you.
+ You will save thousands of dollars by not paying more than you need to.
+ You will have a much greater chance of securing the property you really want.

If you're tired of 'playing the property game' and you want to finally win, then let us represent you when you're buying your next property in Sydney's North. 

Flat Fee for Buyers Agent Engagement and Result

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Manly Daily Article

Property purchased for the Lears at Auction on a very large 850sqm Block in Manly Vale.
Article from the Manly Daily 5th May 2016.

" The Buyer's agent gave me peace of mind ......
He helped me stay calm during the process as we found the idea of bidding a bit daunting. " - Ben Lear
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How does it work?

To enable us to offer a low flat fee, we give you control of the selection process.

Most people prefer to do their own initial research on realestate and domain, then our team optimises the list of prospective properties. Alternatively, we offer a complete property search service where we do all the research for you. Once you have found the property you want, we then negotiate with the selling agent to get you the best price and secure the purchase of the property. Simple.

  • You engage our services. We can meet with you anytime to discuss 
  • You no longer deal with the selling agent
  • The agent to agent negotiations makes all the difference and keeps you at arm's length, similar to selling a property
  • We will contact the agent and handle everything on your behalf
  • We keep you up to date with the prospective properties through email, sms, mobile and spreadsheets
  • We try to buy the property before the auction
  • We can bid at the auction for you, as needed. This is also great if you would like to keep a low profile or are out of town
  • We work very hard to make sure you secure the property at the best possible price
  • Our advertised fees are all-inclusive. No hidden extras

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