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By Angela Beard and Adrian Bartholomeusz
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How to find the right Buyers Agent
In the Sydney Area

When you're selling, you pay an agent good money to get the best price. When you're buying, you're up against those same agents. Enlisting the help of an experienced buyers agent will put you on a level playing field.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a buyers agent:

  1. Some buyers agents will charge a flat fee for the service so you know exactly what you're up for, while others charge a percentage of the property price (this can be up to 3%). It can be very hard to tell if paying more money will get you better results.  ...more

How to avoid the common pitfalls of buying & selling a home
in a seller's market

It's not easy being a homebuyer in the current market. If you're not attending an open-for-inspection alongside 20 other hopefuls, then the chances are all the well-priced homes on your short list will have been snatched up by competing buyers before you've even seen them. In some parts of the country, sellers are in the driving seat as demand outstrips supply.

Homebuyers must be ready to act fast when they see somewhere they like. Here are some tips if you are hoping to buy.   ...more